Safe Space are not about accommodating sensitivitiesWatch now (2 min) | Morale is kinda important, you guys.
Lots of data today...
Some Friday sh*tposting. Enjoy the weekend.
Teachers have more range than you.Watch now (2 min) | Don't take it personal it's just a subject line
Don't leave the industry. Just your firm.Watch now (1 min) | There's a lot of kickass recruiting firms out there.
Excel doesn't deserve this slanderWatch now (51 sec) | FYI - ATS systems are a pile of dumb
Who runs these social accounts anyway?
Active v Passive candidates is a silly dichotomy
Time for something a little different
At least not yet...
I’m so over The Great Resignation.Watch now (47 sec) | And all this 'recession' chatter...
(and how we’re solving them)